Floor Plan

The Visionaire – a modern and smart home living in the North

The Visionaire Executive Condominium wins the hearts of many with the introduction of the Smart Home System into the home of individual.  It is the first Executive Condominium to adopt this edgy technology and importantly, the collaboration the use of Samsung, bringing the confidence and the reliability to the home owners.  This signifies a modern move towards technologies living in The Visionaire.  Smart home appliances are equipped in The Visonaire with air-conditioners, home camera, and lights are remote less controlled without the physical present in the home.  Truly an excellent feature to have at Visionaire EC pricing.

The introduction of HiLife app brings another level of technology into the convenience of daily living into the stay in The Visionaire.  This marvellous experience is only available n The Visionaire.

The Visionaire floorplan intelligently used all the space in the residential unit to maximum the gross floor area for every day use.  Wide distance of more than 3 metres to 5.2 metres can be expected from this Canberra executive condo.  All space are fully utilised with functional, flexible and efficient.


2 Bedroom (721qf)


Visionaire 2 bedroom

3 Bedroom (850sqf)

visionaire 3 bedroom

3 Bedroom Premium (1023sqf)

Visionaire 3 bedroom premium


3 Bedroom Cospace (1119sqf)

visionaire 3 bedroom cospace



4 Bedroom (1141sqf)

visionaire 4 bedroom


4 Bedroom (1313sqf)

visionaire 4 bedroom


Visionaire showflat

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