Site plan

The Visionaire, a leading edge Executive Condominium with Smart Home living by Samsung

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The Visionaire spreads across a spawling huge land size of 309,418 square feet, residing a total of 635 residential units, fitting in with 2 bedroom up to 4 bedroom Cospace units.  The Visionaire floorplan has a unique CoSpace specification is only available under the wings of Qingjian Realty.  CoSpace area is unique and flexible, giving the home owners the liberty to convert the cospace area to area that owners want.  Cospace could be another bedroom, extension of living area, dining area or simply a cosy area for chilling out.

The Visionaire EC gives a long and wide overview of the interior facilities space with 25o meters of water features, cascading waterfalls and landscaping.   Definitely, an up class living within the perimeter of landed properties enclave.  A resort living in The Visionaire.

No doubt, The Visionaire location is one of the preferred choice with no lack of amenities within the surroundings.



The Visionaire siteplan


  1. Grand Entrance
  2. Gree Wall Teail
  3. Herb Trail
  4. Waterfall Drop Off
  5. Viewing Pavilion
  6. Tropical Forest Trail
  7. Majestic Tree Courtyard
  8. Picnic Lawn
  9. Leisure Courtyard
  10. Floating Lanterns
  11. Clubhouse 2
    1. The Library
    2. Study Room 1
    3. Study Room 2
  12. Pool Atrium
  13. Stream Trail
  14. Pebble Lounge
  15. Bamboo Trail
  16. Pool Deck
  17. 50m Pebble Pool
  18. Hammock Greem
  19. Water Bed
  20. Therapy Pool
  21. Cascadng Waterfall
  22. Bubble Pond
  23. Garden Dining
  24. Gourmet Dining Pavilion
  25. Bubble Fountain
  26. Massage Seats
  27. Water Cove
  28. 40m Amazon Lazy Pool
  29. Rainforest Pool Deck
  30. AmazonIsland Deck
  31. Jet Pool
  32. Hydro Gym
  33. Amzaon Trail
  34. Water Slides
  35. Kids Pool
  36. Canan Deck
  37. Banquet Lawn
  38. Gathering Deck
  39. Adventure Playground
  40. Outdoor Grill
  41. Outdoor BBQ
  42. Spring Villas
  43. Lantern Terrace
  44. Chill Out Deck
  45. Main Clubhouse
    1. Private Dinning Room
    2. Multi-Function Room 1
    3. Multi-Function Room 2
    4. Game Room
    5. Activity Room
    6. Karaoke Room
    7. Dace Studio
    8. Gymnasium
    9. Treble Studio
    10. Bass Studio
    11. Male and Female Changing Rooms with Steam Room
  46. Taichi Lawn
  47. Meditation Lawn
  48. Yoga Lawn
  49. Serenity Jogging Trail
  50. Tea Garden
  51. Pizzeria Pavilion
  52. Outdoor Gourmet Deck
  53. Teppanyaki Bar
  54. Play Lawn
  55. Fitness Park
  56. Putting Green
  57. Eco Pond
  58. Outdoor Function Deck
  59. Outdoor BBQ
  60. Tennis Court


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